Dallas Comedy Writer "Flash's" Observations on the City!
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  • 32nd Edition

    Greetings From Ground Zero

    31st Edition

    Taking a Bite of the Big Apple

    30th Edition

    So Long and Thanks for the Mammaries

    29th Edition

    With Friends like these

    28th Edition

    Ground Hog Day

    27th Edition

    2001 A Place Oddity

    26th Edition

    One Flu in the Cuckoo's Nest
    25th Edition Never Say Die(t)
    24th Edition It's a Pain, All Right
    23rd Edition All the World's a Stage
    22nd Edition Dollars and No Sense 
    21st Edition   Dear Crabby
    20th Edition It Must Be That New Math
    19th Edition Here Comes the Sun
    18th Edition Mirror Mirror on the Wall
    17th Edition It's All In Your Head
    16th Edition The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
    15th Edition Men In Black
    14th Edition Alphabet Soup
    13th Edition  Instant Karma's Gonna Get You
    12th Edition  Pandora's Toy Box
    11th Edition  Dialing For Dollars
    10th Edition And They Said It Wouldn't Last.
    9th Edition  Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?
    8th Edition  Speaking in Tongues
    7th Edition If You Don't Get Help At Charter 
    6th Edition Inquiring Minds Want To Know
    5th Edition  Dorothy, We're Not In Kansas Anymore
    4th Edition Cheese Whiz
    3rd Edition The Breast of Dallas
    2nd Edition Milk Does a Body Good
    1st Edition Welcome To the Jungle


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