the no-kill shelter

operated by the Humane Society of Dallas County

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The Humane Society of Dallas County, founded in 1975, ministers to the indigent animal population, promotes responsible pet ownership, and seeks to ensure humane treatment of all animals.

We strive to be an integral part of a great city where all life is valued and cared for. Our shelter, Dog & Kitty City, is the only no kill animal shelter in Dallas. We are dedicated to educating the public on the importance of spaying and neutering in hopes of becoming a "no kill" city. We began the very first low-cost spay and neuter program in Dallas. We spay and neuter all of our animals.

We serve both the animals and the people of Dallas by conducting adopt-a-pet viewing at local pet stores and merchants every weekend, as well as, providing medical treatment, shelter care, and obedience training for all of our animals. We provide free dog training seminars every month which are open to the public. We follow up and take action, if necessary, on any calls about animals in distress.

We are a private, non-profit animal rescue organization, and receive no funding from the city, state or federal government, or from national animal organizations. We exist only on generous donations from those who believe in our goals and philosophy.

You might remember our fund-raiser Martinis, Mutts, & Models. The event consisted of a martini tasting, silent auction, hors’dourves, live entertainment, and a fashion show featuring the apparel from elements with the Kim Dawson models and our adorable dogs! Over 650 people attended and we raised $20,000. 

This year, we have our Dog Gone Puff-fect Party at Sipango on Thurs. Sept 25th from 6-9pm.  $10 gets you a free drink, appetizers, and a fashion show featuring apparel from elements and Posture Magnetic with The Campbell Agency models and our adorable dogs!!  We also have a great raffle for a resort spa vacation and a new set of golf clubs and a driver from Pro Force.

If you would like to volunteer for such jobs as a dog or cat socializer, adopt-a-pet assistant, or fund-raising, please call 214-350-7387 or email us at .  If you would like to donate money, please mail your tax deductible donation to the address below. Please make your check payable to Dog & Kitty City.

Dog & Kitty City Shelter

(One mile south of Love Field Airport)

2719 Manor Way,  Dallas TX 75235



Dog Gone Purr-fect at Sipango

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