Generation Executives

Generation Xecutives is a social networking group which consists of a younger
membership. Most of the members range from the ages of 25-35, and include
individuals with all sorts of career backgrounds. While we are a social
group,our primary focus is philanthrophy. We have adopted The Dallas Advocacy
Center as our special charity. The center helps local children who have been
sexually or physically abused. All monies collected from our charity events are
directed to this group as we intend to remain one of their major contributors.

To learn more about our group, please visit our website(,
or contact the founder Shawn Gage ( We encourage those interested
to join us the second Tuesday of each month for our monthly meeting. We meet at The Bluse Fish
(Lower Greenvilee-across from the Granada Theatre), at 8PM for sushi and drinks.
During meetings, we share our purpose as a group with prospective new
members, recap past events, and discuss our upcoming events. On a regular basis,
Gen X holds several social/charity events such as fashion shows, cigar nights,
dinner nights, wine tastings, ski trips, golf tournaments, silent auctions,
bachelor auctions, trolley parties, and concert events. Our most recent event,
Millenium Mayhem, was a huge success and in the meantime raised a considerable amount
of money for the children. We have a special relationship with The Kim Dawson Agency, and
intend to work in conjunction with these models on an ongoing basis.

Generaton Xecutives is headed by four gentlemen, Shawn Gage (President),
Steve Wolff (Vice President), Joe Shannon (Public Relations), and Eric Pipes
(Financial Manager). To contact one of these individuals, just call
(214)850-9421. Look forward to seeing you at our next event!


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